About this Website

I worked with HMRC from August 1990 to June 2017, most recently as a Transfer Pricing Specialist. My role included membership of HMRC’s Transfer Pricing Governance Panel and involved financial, widget and intellectual property Transfer Pricing across a wide range of industries, although I have a particular interest in the oil & gas and mining sectors in light of my early career.

My specific skills include the critical analysis of corporate TP Policies, Reports and other TP documentation, e.g. comparability studies, choice of appropriate TP methodology, etc, to highlight areas of weakness that may be indicative of transfer mis-pricing, i.e. the areas that attract the attention of Tax Authorities and often result in a formal TP enquiry.

On the basis of my HMRC experience, I am convinced that many of these costly and time-consuming Transfer Pricing enquiries (costly and time-consuming for both the businesses involved and the Tax Authority) can be avoided or more quickly concluded if the preparatory and research work underlying the businesses’ Transfer Pricing documentation has been more thorough than is often the case, the resulting documentation better prepared and sense-checked, and the businesses more open and transparent regarding their TP policies and practices.

uktp4u.com is designed to inform and educate readers, both professional and non-professional, on Transfer Pricing matters. It provides an overview of regulations, guidance and topical news items at the date of publication. Whilst this Website is mainly about Transfer Pricing, I may also include news on other international tax matters that interest me and topical news stories on the oil & gas and mining sectors.

uktp4u.com uses several media channels to achieve its “inform and educate” objective, the main being the website itself, Twitter and Linkedin; a YouTube channel is also in development.

My aim is to provide practical, reliable and factual content. Any opinions that slip through are solely my own, they do not necessarily represent the views of past employers or any other person I’m connected with.

Please use the “Contact Me” form for your feedback or suggestions, whether on content, style or topics to include, it will be most welcome. I’ll also try to help with any of your TP questions through the “Contact Me” form.

uktp4u.com is not a substitute for professional advice on Transfer Pricing matters, it does not provide professional advice or financial advice and should not be relied upon as such.

You should not base any action on the contents of this website without first obtaining specific professional advice from appropriately qualified Transfer Pricing experts. They can establish the full facts and circumstances of your business – I can’t.

Therefore, no responsibility for loss occasioned by any person acting or refraining from action as a result of this Website can be accepted by the author.



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