“US Tax Court: prior closing agreement may have relevance in Coca-Cola’s transfer pricing case.”

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Source: McDermott Will & Emery via internationallawoffice.com 3 November 2017

“Coca-Cola is seeking a re-determination in Tax Court of certain Internal Revenue Service (IRS) transfer-pricing adjustments relating to its 2007–2009 tax years. In the case, the IRS moved for partial summary judgment seeking a ruling that a 1996 Internal Revenue Code Section 7121 “closing agreement” executed by the parties is not relevant to the case before the court.”

“In litigation, parties should carefully pick their battles before the court. In the Coca-Cola matter, the IRS is fighting what seems to be a losing battle over whether the prior closing agreement is relevant, which is a very low threshold evidentiary question. Spending court resources on clearly questionable motions may negatively affect the court’s future rulings. Our advice to clients is to look at the big picture strategy and do not get mired into petty squabbles with opposing counsel.”

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