Great Technology! Pity About the Value.

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Two interesting & informative articles from Australian IP Specialists Griffith Hack.

“In a corporate environment preoccupied with the risks and opportunities of disruptive technology, the inadequacies in investment appraisal are alarming. Many early stage tech companies starve through lack of funds. Others feast on funding before fading to irrelevance. Some thrive.”

In an attempt to pick winners, some investors use a simple formula, which incorporates an assessment of the target’s IP.

The first article below asks how the quality of IP protection can be assessed, considering a range of legal rights.

The second is a case study involving a mining equipment company with a patent portfolio protecting novel technology, the benefits of which had been assessed through engineering studies. In order to articulate and quantify its economic potential, the company commissioned an independent valuation of its core asset: its patent portfolio.

The two articles are here:

Great Technology! Pity About the Value.

IP valuation & capital raising


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