Bombardier’s Azerbaijani Partner Has Chickens and Cows. Who Got the $Millions?

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Source: 22 March 2017

“In a village about 250 kilometers from Baku, near Azerbaijan’s border with Iran, Elkhan Aliyev, a 44-year-old electrician and father of two, lives on a modest farm.

On paper, this man (who has no relation to President Ilham Aliyev) is the owner of Trans-Signal-Rabita LLC, a firm that has strong political ties with the Azerbaijani government and connections with known and respected firms from Canada, Sweden and Russia.

Something isn’t right.

In early 2013, Trans-Signal-Rabita came out of nowhere and formed a consortium with Swedish engineering giant Bombardier Transportation AB and its Russian subsidiary to win a US$ 340 million contract with Azerbaijan Railways. The massive project entailed installing signaling equipment along 503 kilometers of the Baku-Boyuk Kesik section of the international transport corridor that connects Asia and Europe.

Trans-Signal-Rabita’s share of the deal was 44 million Azerbaijani manats (at the time worth $56.8 million) to lay fiber-optic cables and install signaling equipment which would allow trains along the line to be monitored by and communicate with a traffic control center.

Those numbers seem hard to believe outside Aliyev’s modest rural home, where water boils on a cooking stove outside the front door, chickens cluck and cows graze in the backyard.”

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