Total Tax Contribution of UK’s largest companies rises to £82.3billion

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Source: 15 December 2016


The importance to the UK economy of the largest UK companies (100 group) was highlighted in a study published 15.12.2016. 
These companies employ 2.1m people, (6.6% of the total UK workforce) and support the broader economy with £25.9bn in fixed assets (14.5% of UK business investment).  They also support thousands of suppliers – a large number of which are SMEs. 

The overall tax contribution of the UK’s biggest companies rose to £82.3 billion in 2016, up from £80.5 billion in 2015. This includes taxes that are a cost (taxes borne) of £23.7bn and those that businesses collect and generate of £58.6bn, and represents 13.3% of total government receipts. These findings come from the 2016 Total Tax Contribution survey for the 100 Group.

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