“HMRC, Building an Uncertain Future”

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Source: tax justice network 16 November 2016

The Tax Justice Network was in the UK Parliament to launch a report it co-produced with the Public and Commercial Services Union. The report, entitled “HMRC, Building an Uncertain Future” is a study of HMRC’s reform plans which it is calling “Building our Future”.

“… the changes mean redundancy for thousands of employees and the closure of 170 HMRC offices located around the country. All remaining staff will be moved to 13 regional centres and 4 specialist centres, many far away from the people they are supposed to serve.”

“At a time of government imposed austerity, when the public have a vanishing tolerance for tax evasion and tax avoidance, Ministers can no longer ignore the ongoing crisis at HMRC. It is now time for the government to stop the HMRC Commissioners’ from putting our tax collection system at risk though Building our Future, and to engage seriously with the staff on building a properly resourced tax collection system, able to take on the many challenges posed by tax havens, secrecy and international tax avoidance and evasion in the 21st Century.”

Source article here



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