Leaked Deloitte Brexit memo “not commissioned by the Cabinet Office”

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Source: The Telegraph 15.11.2016

It is now known that the damaging memo, which was written on Nov 7 by Keith Leslie, a partner at Deloitte, had been intended for an “internal audience”. David Sproul, the chief executive of Deloitte UK, was a prominent Remain campaigner and signed a letter calling for the UK to remain in the EU.

Iain Duncan Smith, former work and pensions secretary, said that Deloitte should be stripped of Government contracts, “I don’t think this was an accident, this was quite deliberate. They were determined to do as much damage as possible.”

“This non-commissioned report is utterly bogus, gleaned from newspaper cuttings. The Government doesn’t need any more civil servants. What a load of old rubbish.”

After a day of criticism Deloitte released a statement admitting that the memo was “not commissioned by the Cabinet Office” and was “conducted without access to No 10 or input from other government departments”.

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