Scottish Government continues to ignore the oil & gas sector

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Source: Aberdeen Journals, Daily Record and BBC

Keith Brown, the SNP’s new economy supremo, called for greater support for the oil and gas industry during a visit to Aberdeen and predicted “good times ahead”.

However, union leaders warned that the industry remains “in crisis” and a North Sea oil and gas pioneer said he has had more trouble with Holyrood than any administration he has dealt with during his long career.

Mr Algy Cluff slated the SNP Scottish Government over its banning of an energy production method he planned to trial offshore and added that there might not have been a North Sea oil and gas industry if the current Scottish Government been in power 50 years ago.

In a separate story the BBC reported that oil sector job losses could top 120,000 by the end of 2016 whilst Aberdeen Journals reported that the SNP’s flagship retraining fund for redundant oil and gas workers has so far delivered cash to only 91 people.

The SNP’s economic case for independence was partly based on North Sea oil selling at more than $100 a barrel.


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