Senior tax decision-makers supportive of the BEPS initiative

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It is ten years since KPMG first examined the competitiveness of the UK tax regime versus its international peers from the perspective of the UK’s largest companies.

In the annual studies completed by KPMG over the following decade, they charted major improvement in the UK’s tax competitiveness and identified the benefits this brings to the UK economy. They also investigated, for the first time this year, the UK’s ability to attract foreign direct investment from a tax perspective versus its international peers.

Key findings include:

  • UK remains as one of the most attractive destinations for business from a tax perspective, closing the gap on Ireland
  • UK companies place more importance on the simplicity, stability and predictability of a tax regime than on headline rates
  • Businesses are broadly supportive of tax transparency and the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) initiative.
  • UK is viewed as an attractive destination for inbound investment with political and macro-economic stability as particularly appealing features

11 March 2016

Download the KPMG report here:


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